My Daily Activity Doll House (Boy Version)

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This is A Mini Doll House- "My Daily Activity Quiet Book". The size of the book is 15*15 cms. 

In This Book Child can dress up a doll, Take a bath and wash clothes , plucking fruits and dine at the table etc. The Doll will help the Child learn how to Brush Teeth, Take bath , wash the clothes or Put the clothes back in the wardrobe Etc. 

A child get social and Daily Routine Skills and Experience life situations through role playing with a Doll House.      

Activities Included:

Cover Page- Cover Page has a Door which can be opened /Closed with a button.

Ist Page-  Bedroom page

Play And Pretend-  Night time is For sleeping and Change your Clothes , Do Brush Your Teeth , Read A book to Your Doll and Sleep. 

Sun Rises and Get up and Take Bath and Get ready for the Day.

2nd Page- Bathroom Page

Brush Your Teeth and Give Your Doll a Bath. 

3rd Page- Laundry

Wash Your Clothes In the Machine 

4th Page- Wardrobe

Choose Your outfit for the day. This page has 5 Pair of clothes including a Night wear.

5th and 6th Page- Pluck Fruits and Dine 

Sit at the dinning Table and Enjoy Your Food.

Play Area - Play in the garden Everyday and Explore the nature or Take  a Swing.

Each Page and Part of the Book is Completely Machine stitched. 

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